Jewish Warsaw

Lost and spared

Duration: 4 hours
Price: 195 USD (for up to 4 people)
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During this tour I will show you places where Jews, who before WWII made 30% of the whole population of Warsaw, lived and perished during the holocaust. You can still see preserved remnants of former ghetto walls, installation showing the bridge connecting small and big ghetto, monuments to Warsaw ghetto heroes, Umschlagplatz, from which Warsaw Jews were deported to Treblinka extermination camp in 1942, still functioning Jewish cemetery and Nozyk synagogue, the only one which survived the war. We also visit Jewish Historical Institute to see the film showing dramatic life in Warsaw ghetto, and recently opened new Museum of the History of Polish Jews. After the tour with me you can explore the exhibition on your own or taking audioguide (10$). (Hiring museum guide is also possible for additional 75$).
If you want to see and learn more, especially in Prague, the district at the other side of the Vistula River, choose my another tour (Jewish heritage in Warsaw), where we explore Jewish Warsaw for 6 hours.

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