Warsaw with Wilanow Palace tour

Warsaw Wilanow PalaceVisit Polish Versailles during Warsaw city tour

Duration: 6 hours
Price: 250 USD (for up to 4 people)
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After the Warsaw city tour (where you can admire palaces and pavilions, drive along Royal Route, walk in the Old Town – a site on the UNESCO cultural heritage list – see the houses where Madame Curie was born and where Chopin lived) – and after lunch, we will drive to the suburbs of Warsaw to visit the interior of Wilanow Palace built in the 17th century by king Sobieski who defeated Turks in the battle of Vienna. Later belonging to aristocrat families, the palace became one of the very first museums in Poland.

This splendid Baroque palace (often called Polish Versailles) survived all wars, so you can still see its original interiors and stroll in its charming park in English and Italian style.


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